The Inbetween Episode

400 days have passed since the last episode of the show, and it's time I dust off the mic to look at a topic that seems to have been incredibly prevalent over the last fourteen months: change.

People change all the time, of course, and there have been a number of people on and elsewhere who have decided to kick their current careers to the curb and start something new. Over the next few weeks, I'll release a series of interviews with people who are doing what so many of us can only dream of. We'll look at their ambitions and learn more about what brought about the desire to do something different. We will undoubtedly touch on some other topics, too, and I hope you'll enjoy listening to these interviews as much as I'll have making them.

Would you like to be on the show? Get in touch with me at @matigo or, if you're no longer using, you can email me directly at [email protected]. Everyone is welcome.