Today, Jeremy Cherfas has the dubious honor of chatting with me, Jason Irwin. I go by the name @matigo on App.net, have a very happy puppy who gets way too much attention, and have a passion for finding solutions and creating new things.

Welcome to this inverted episode of Discover ADN!


Three People I Recommend


This episode of Discover ADN is brought to you by Born SQL and their product, dbSnitch!

dbSnitch is a once-off report service, where we perform an in-depth examination of your existing database instances and make bespoke recommendations to bring them up to industry standards – and ensure that your data is safe.

A dbSnitch report is about 16 to 20 pages in length and includes:

  • A workbook containing all diagnostic information extracted from the instance, along with explanations for our conclusions (complete transparency).
  • Recommendations on upgrades, best practice hardware and software improvements, maintenance plans and disaster recovery plans.

All in all, dbSnitch gives you a comprehensive view of where your database currently stands, along with a customised game plan to get where it needs to be.

Interested? Find out more about dbSnitch on their website or contact Randolph West via email at [email protected] with the keyword “Discover” in the subject line.